Applications Development

Does your business rely on laborious, paper-based processes?

Web Application Development

Would real-time reporting and access to data enable better management of your staff? Perhaps it is time to convert your manual processes into computerized, cloud-based systems.

Cloud-based Applications

Whilst we occasionally still develop stand-alone desktop applications, we highly recommend application architectures be cloud-based. There are numerous advantages to this. Cloud-based architectures alleviate the need for installation on each user's PC, is operating system agnostic, and greatly reduces system requirements; as all processing takes place on the server.

As the data is stored centrally, backups and security is greatly simplified. One huge advantage is the increased accessibility of the systems, as they can be accessed by any device connected to the internet. This means you have access to your corporate data at the office, at home, on holiday and from your PC, laptop, cellphone or tablet.