Millions of tonnes of corncobs are left behind in the field after harvesting. In the last century, cobs were already used to make chemicals from which e.g. fuel, plastic bottles or Lycra® were made whilst co-generating electricity. We apply 21st century knowhow to make these processes economically viable and can be operated by rural communities.

 Connecting the Dots - Creating Biobased Businesses

We apply knowledge developed by the DalinYebo team, which is further complemented by the skills and knowhow of a network of associates, who work in a green economy (bioeconomy) environment. At the time, each one of us had over 15 years of international industry (e.g. sugar, pulp & paper, agriculture, agro-processing, chemical/ethanol, furfural and its many by-products) experience when we started connecting the dots in the biobased chemicals and energy space, in 1998.

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