Connecting more dots: All about Biomass and its economic potential

All biomass is local! Our platform is designed to provide news & information that assist (small-scale) farmers to connect with local buyers of biomass! We're applying smart solutions to Connect-The-Dots between sellers and buyers of biomass by e.g. information from around the world and specific to our area of operation: Biomass production, biomass harvest, biomass storage and biomass conversion.

At ConnectingTheDots (Pty) Ltd, we have made it our mission to combine our years of experience in the agricultural and biomass sectors with the skills of the ICT professionals ..

.. to deliver information and support to the small-scale farmers or foresters.

We'll provide knowhow and/or mentoring in areas that will assist them with their farming and/or biomass production. One the one hand, this is an opportunity to move small-scale farmers out of subsistence farming into becoming contributors to economic growth. On the other hand, it simply means additional revenue from agricultural and/or forestry (wastes) residues.