A Disruption with a Difference

BiomassMarket is more than just a local cloud-based biomass trading & information platform. It will connect small & large farmers or foresters with biomass processors (power plants, agro-processing hubs & biorefiners, etc.) and provide technical support to (small-scale) suppliers and corporate users of biomass.

A Gamechanger

BiomassMarket is a comprehensive e-commerce platform dedicated to the creation of value chains in the Green Economy (Bioeconomy) forP2B as well as B2B trade.

BiomassMarket facilitates all transactions involved in every area of the biomass value chain (harvesting, storing, processing) to ensure quality, guaranteed deliveries and payment. 

BiomassMarket IP is a combination of in-depth bioeconomy knowhow and a copyright protected code (that is derived from proven proprietary point-of-sale software).

The Market or Trade concept is designed for replicating and scaling-up and adapting to adjacent markets, e.g.:

vegetable trade: Connecting small-scale farmers to hotels, restaurants and to export or conventional market.

resources re-cycling (e.g. plastic, tyres etc.).

BiomassMarket will flatten conventional supply chains and make them accessible to EVERYBODY, like the "Ubers or AirB&Bs" of this world. Whilst they disrupt existing markets, we will use the same tech concepts to create markets where they don’t exist or don’t work well.

The difference: BiomassMarket will also provide information and assist communities to develop biomass supply chains and/or grow (new) energy crops for biorefineries.

Simple, Smart & Secure

Tell us how much you’ve got, where and when.

We’ll make an offer & arrange the collection or drop-off.

Secure e-Payment.

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