We buy Corncobs & Other Biomass!  (.. once Cob.Trade is operational)

Cob.Trade™ is a cloud-based trading & information platform for biomass, a development that connects individual biomass owners (small and large farmers) with a local buyer (power stations, biorefineries or biomass processing hubs).

Cob.Trade™ provides information on the biomass supply chain (harvesting, transport, storage, etc.) and on biomass (types, quality, uses and opportunities).

Cob.Trade™ wants your corncobs (or other biomass), arranges the collection and pays on the spot. 

Cob.Trade™ is

Simple  Secure   Scalable

The Cob.Trade™ investment information (presentation and video) is available for potential investors from our download portal. (NB: Registration required).

 Cob.Trade (Demo Site)